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I Choose to Focus on … uh … That Thing I Was Going to Focus on

I don’t know if I’m writing this because I really wanna write it, or because I just realized I had the word “pee-pee” big and bold on the front page of my blog for more than two weeks.  I think there might be some kind of unwritten blog rule that this particular word should not be big and bold on the front page of your blog for more than a few days, unless for some reason the title of your blog has the word “pee-pee” in it, in which case I suppose that rule would not apply.

Person looking very happy to clean.

Wow, they really nailed it!! This is EXACTLY how I look when I’m cleaning the house. :|

So, yeah. We’re cleaning today. Well, I was cleaning. I mean, I AM cleaning, but I’m taking a break because I was just hit with some inspirational thoughts about cleaning that I needed to discuss in far more detail than is generally required in normal conversational mediums.  (Yeah …  nice try.)

But really, I have this new approach that I’ve been working on, starting a couple of days ago.  … One that I will clearly need to attempt  again as soon as I finish this post (old habits die hard).

My new approach to domestic self-actualization is to choose. To make the choice to focus on the task (whatever it may be) and really just get that task done. It’s really not that the cleaning is hard. Cleaning by itself is really not hard… mostly. I recently realized that it’s really the staying focused part that’s hard. And I know I crack jokes about being domestically challenged. BUT. The truth is, I think, the only way to do it is to choose to do it. And I’ve been choosing to allow myself to be distracted by the 11 million things I need to do every day to maintain my home, my family and my sanity which really just leads to a random flibbertigibbet approach that doesn’t really work.

“Put your underwear back on!!” I am hearing my son say to the baby. *giggle* I’m listening to the kids playing and laughing as they are supposed to be staying focused on their own cleaning tasks. It’s taking forever for them to complete these simple tasks! Why do they get so distracted?!!!

Um. I mean. Well. Anyway.

Gosh that sounds so simple: just gotta choose. Why can’t it be THAT simple? I start doing the laundry and then when I come in my room to get the laundry basket so I can take the clothes out of the dryer, I think … hmm, I think the word “pee-pee” is still big and bold on the front page of my blog. I really need to remedy that ASAP and maybe at the same time I can share my new choosing thing because I know sharing it is totally going to help me solidify my resolve and maybe help someone else in the process. Sooooo, I sit down and start writing this post.

I know once I step out this door, out of my room (which I totally cleaned last night, by the way, I’m super proud of that progress), then I’m back in the minefield of distractions. So, I’m choosing to finish this blog post before I deal with the clothes. The laundry basket wasn’t in here anyway, so I’ll have to find it, which means more exposure to more distraction and the pitfalls associated with such distraction. And if I stop writing this post without completing it, the odds of me finishing it within the next couple of days will be astronomical. And of course then, my self-image will suffer incomprehensible damage from the lack of completion of yet another seemingly simple task. Not to mention that I’ll be in increasingly egregious violation of the Blog Front Page “Pee-Pee” Rule.

Ok. I can see that this choosing thing is going to need some additional work on my part.

So. For now, I’m going to wrap this up. I am making the decision to go get that laundry out of the dryer, take care of the load that is currently in the washer and then sort all the laundry to be ready for more loads. I’m watching a movie with the kids at 7 p.m. and I am choosing to get that system all set up so I can continue my laundry tasks during the  movie.

Still a lot of cleaning (and choosing) yet to go. My husband will be home tomorrow and it would be excellent if the house did not look like someone picked it up, shook it, and put it back down. My room is clean, though. Did I mention that? Clean room. Feels good. Proud of that.

More adventures tomorrow…

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  1. Annette says

    Domestic ADHD…I swear it is!! *ooh shiny object* I suffer from it as well. *look, a bug*. Especially when I wake up at 7am rather than the typical 9am roll-out, due to an awake hubby & his being bored adopting the kids wake up plan of make noise until I grumble awake. I have BIG plans. My to-do list full for the day. Alive, awake, alert, enthusiastic. I blame laundry for all the problems. The pile never goes away & the time between washer & dryer (or hang up if like me you try desperately to keep the clothes from any shrinkage) causes issues. Then there is the “mom look”, which leads to distraction. Next thing you know it’s lunch…distraction. I try to just LISTEN to what’s on ESPN but the sports junkie I am suddenly feels the urge to “sit & watch just this segment”, at least the Olympics are done since I found a fascination with sports I never knew existed. Now I have my comic shoes that I can lose myself in for long stretches of time, a perfect additional distraction.

    • IncidentalDomestic says

      LOL!! I can related to every single thing in this comment. Maybe we have a talent for distraction. That’s something, right? Sadly, my husband was home for a day and the house looked like I’d hired a maid. Ahhh, letting go. I’m good at other things. 😀

  2. Me says

    Will always love you Baby.

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