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My First Video Blog

Flying by the seat of my pants as usual; it’s a little rough. My son watched this and told me I really needed a script. Maybe next time.

More adventures tomorrow…

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2 Responses

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  1. Eric says

    A good beginning. Couple of points;

    1. You’re going through a mid-life crisis (there are more than one, nobody tells you about that). ‘Mommy’ and ‘wife’ consumes SO much of your time, energy and being that, after a while, you lose who YOU are. You’re now realizing that you have to rediscover who you are at this point in your life. It will add another dimension to your character when you find out.

    2. Your children are far better off living with hand-me-downs and having a mother that they know loves them with no reservations than having all the ‘stuff’ in the world and a parent that fobs them off on hired help. Don’t worry that they don’t get enough ‘stuff’ they don’t need it, they have YOU.

  2. Brendy says

    You are beyond adorable!! Loved it!! If I looked as good as you do on “air”, I’d start me one!! :)

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