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20 Things I Learned in The Past Three Years

make-up fun

Just like Mommy, See?! Note to self: Get more make-up remover.

My baby turned 3-years-old today. I bought the pink cake mix because she often asks for pink anything when we let her pick a color. I figured the pink icing would go well with that as well. When I brought them home, showed them to her and told her that was for her birthday cake, she made a very grown-uppy kind of sigh and said “Oh Mom!” as she pulled the box to her chest in a loving embrace, “Stwabewwy! You the BEST Mom, you the BEST!”

*sigh* Yes. My life is complete.

A gesture so innocent and so wonderful. This is one of those memories I want to mark in my mind, in my heart. Such a simple thing and even though I know she is not really old enough to know I’m the best, I feel like I just couldn’t be happier at this moment.

I have learned a lot over this past three years. A lot about myself. A lot about marriage. A lot about life in general. Much of it funneling through this little person who is still not even tall enough to reach the light switch without jumping. As a mother, I continue to be amazed at the things I learn from my children and how much I have continued to grow not just as a person, but in my hip and butt areas as well.

Without further ado, here is a list of realizations I’ve … well… realized (don’t give me a hard time, it’s just after 3 a.m.) in the past three years:

1)  I’m not actually losing my mind, it just kind of appears that way.
2)  I need a lot of kisses and hugs.
3)  Meeting deadlines while creating websites, publications, working with designers and programmers is all but impossible with a baby on one’s hip.
4)  Skull fractures heal a lot faster than you’d expect.
5)  A dog can sure take a lot of abuse from a short person.
6)  I need a lot of kisses and hugs.
7)  Walgreen’s pharmacy will get your medicine to you a LOT faster when your child is throwing up in the waiting area.
8)  Little fingers tangled in my hair is kind of like sleeping medicine for the finger owner.
9)  Girls can be pretty darn emotional.
10)  It’s hard for boys to understand why girls are so darn emotional.
11)  I need a lot of kisses and hugs.
12)  A child batting her eyelashes with her hands clasped together saying “pease, pease, PEASE mommy?” is extremely hard to resist.
13)  Clothes are ALWAYS optional.
14)  Singing Jingle Bells at the top of your lungs is not something reserved only for Christmas time. Any time is Jingle Bell time.
15)  A short person can use all sorts of different, creative and dangerous ways to climb up onto things that she has no business climbing on.
16)  With practice, you can play Barbies with your feet whilst working on a laptop.
17)  I need a lot of kisses and hugs.
18)  It takes a full 24 hours for eyeliner to wear off eyes, cheeks and lips without using make-up remover.
19)  It’s always a good idea to lock your bedroom door during grown-up time.
20)  Preschool might not be such a bad idea, afterall.

Happy birthday baby. Mommy super duper loves you!!

More adventures tomorrow…

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  1. Fuamiks says

    Oute alofa ia te oe.

  2. Mom says

    Mommy needs lots of hugs and kisses. That said it all. I LOVED what you learned in 3 years. I learned years ago that no matter how you raised your kids, they are resilient and manage to survive. Being a gramma is SOOOOOOOOO much easier. Can’t wait to see you guys. It seems like yesterday you brought Maina home from the hospital and here she is at 3 years old!!! Love you so much!!!!!! (ALL of you).

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